Ranking The Best And Worst Internet Service Providers Based On Netflix Speed. Where Does Yours Rank?

In the mix of this moving process, I’m glad I have my priorities straight.


Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 6.06.26 AM

Netflix obviously relies heavily on Internet Service Providers to provide a good user experience for its customers, and with the battle over Net Neutrality, the streaming service is attempting to help pressure ISPs into providing better service by alerting customers to the best and worst ISPs for Netflix speed. Given the fact that many ISP subscribers may base their subscription decisions on their ability to watch Netflix (or Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.), this is a smart move by Netflix to take some control over the Net Neutrality debate. Sure, Verizon can throttle its customers in order to shake down Netflix for a bigger payment, but if they do so, Netflix is going to tell its customers what Verizon is doing and those customers may ultimately switch to a better ISP.


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