True science, complete with disappointment

Through the course of my fellowship, there has been one resounding lesson that I’ve learned over and over again. You will fail. You will fail epically in fact. And you will fail more times than you truly care to admit. I’m about 5 months into my project, and much to the disappointment of both my mentor and myself, we’ve had to start over from scratch. Science (genetics in particular) is tricky. Enzymes don’t always do what you want them to do, sometimes machines will kick out at the most important moment, and nucleotides seem to appear out of nowhere. Like seriously, where did half of the sequence of my plasmid come from???? My mentor, who has told me time and time again that he hates working in a lab because of the low success rate of…well everything, displays his anger and frustration in the form of disappointment. If I’ve gained anything from this experience, it’s the fact that I can now encourage those who are hopeless. I think that’s at least one good thing, right?


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