Can I do it? I’m not sure

As previously mentioned, I’m having one heck of a time getting myself motivated for my MCAT. I’ve made all the necessary steps; I have a study plan, a binder, a place to study, heck I even have a countdown until my exam to act as a scare tactic. But are these things really working? Nope, not one little bit. I keep thinking about how much I’ve worked all year during school and that all I want to do is sit and relax. I want to read a fictional book while basking in the sun. I want to watch movie marathons and stay up until 5 am. I want to hang out with my friends in areas that are not 1) our university or 2) places where we study. Despite my multiple post it notes, pop-up reminders, and note cards in random places that all say “Do your lessons plans! You can rest when your 50. Don’t procrastinate this; it’s super important!” guess what I do. I am still procrastinating. Woe is me.


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