Final Goodbyes and New Hellos

It’s funny because I knew that these days were coming. I don’t think I could have prepared myself for them in any way, shape, or form. As the last week of school rounds off, I have to get used to not seeing the faces that I have for the past 3 years. Today, for instance, was the last day of class for one of my subjects, meaning that it was the last time I most likely will ever see one of my favorite professors. I unfortunately never got the chance to meet her outside of class, but I always loved her teaching and her general demeanor. Knowing very well that I won’t be finishing my last year of undergrad at my university, I’ve realized I’ll be saying goodbye to some of the closest friends I’ve made in my lifetime within this next week. I’ve never been one for goodbyes; they always seem to official of an end.  However, the situation I am in makes goodbyes inevitable. All I can hope is that I can hold in the tears and act like a big girl during the process.

It is in my character to avoid thinking so much about the goodbyes and think more about the new connections that I will make within the next year. Because I am going to a new school, I have to remember how to make friends again! It’s terrifying to think about, but I’m excited for the experience. In fact, I’ve already reconnected with someone from my high school who is going to the same university. I love to think about all the new opportunities I’ll make, the new jobs I’ll obtain, and the vast array of people I’ll meet, but there will always be a sore spot for all of the memories I’ve obtained to get to this point. I guess I deeply connect to people and places too easily.


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