Terrifying New Beginnings

How real this is all feeling. Most of my life has been a series of small steps towards branching out of my comfort zone. After spending 18 years living in one small town in Minnesota, I decided to spend my entire senior year of high school at a college an hour away from my dinky town. My university happens to be in a fairly decent sized city; I consider this as a baby step towards living in a large city. However, I am going to be tested this next fall semester about how well this baby step has prepared me. This summer I will be moving to a ridiculously large city in comparison to what I’m used to. This is something that I never would have imagined four years ago when I was still in high school. While attaining an apartment is still in progress, I am taking one of the biggest first steps towards living in this terrifyingly new place. Tomorrow, I have an interview for my dream job. I can’t believe it, but I’ve actually been invited for an interview with a scribe program. Nothing makes me more nervous than the thought of advertising my whole life story and experiences in a half an hour. Wish me luck!


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