Hello… well isn’t this embarrassing

There’s nothing I hate more than to try and make a good first impression. The first time you meet someone, the first time you present on a topic, or the first time someone reads your gibberish – it gives me great anxiety. If I’ve learned anything over the years, it’s that the anxiety I feel can’t get in the way of a new beginning. Hence, this awful post must be made! And so it begins with an introduction. Hello. My name is Melissa and I’m in my 20 somethings. I am currently an undergraduate studying at the University of Minnesota (or at least one of it’s branches). I am earning a bachelor’s of science majoring in health sciences with a minor in public health. During the course of these past 4 years, I’ve held around 5 different jobs, with a time where I was working 3 part-time positions on top of being a full-time student. Money is always a problem as expected for a college student. Of these jobs, I’ve held titles as menial as a department store associate and as advanced as a student researcher at a prestigious clinic. What I want to do with my life is complicated and involves a ridiculous amount of years in school. The goal is to pursue a career in the medical field in a specialized branch of pediatrics. What that says about me, I’m not quite sure. All I know is that I love children, I love to learn, and the human body is fascinating. I think that will suffice for introduction, don’t you?


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